Male, 5 months old, around 9 kg

Black short hair male, Bigotes is higher energy aka puppy energy! He loves to explore most of the time, he is very curious, playful, cheerful and affectionate. He has no problem living with cat friends, at 1st he is curiosu, but he does not get annoyed or want to chase or bother them! He will lick them though! He loves both adults and children, he likes to jump and run around in the water and chew on all kinds of toys. He is great with other dogs! All around lovely pup!

Koh is arriving to Vancouver Sunday July 25

Koh, male,1 yr. Sterlized and all vet checked,vaccinated
His ancestors apparently were a mix of Plott Hound with Corgi.
Sweet, loves attention and cuddles,playful.
Medium energy. Good with people,children. Cats good he wants to play with them. Pretty good on leash and in the car. Needs to be housetrained (as all do)
He loves belly rubs.


Female 20 Kgs., 2 yrs, small pit lab mix black very playful
Sadie  has been in Vancouver since March. She is available for adoption. Would like experienced dog owner. Sadie needs to work on her manners with other dogs, so a slower intro is key, she is very happy to see other puppies and can get a little too excited! She is a LOVE BUG, and is a snuggler.
She is available for foster to adopt or just as a foster until we find her a loving home.
Sadie  is hyper dog, needs lots of exercise. She is good with people and children. She needs a yard. No cats.


Female, 3 Years, 15 kilos

Emilia is a fun loving, good on the lease, calm inside, house trained. She likes to keep to herself a bit with other dogs, is more playful with males.


2 years old, male, 20 kgs, medium energy, crate trained, not a barker, good with children, good in cars, playful with dogs, loves his humans
Rayas was rescued in an area known as a dog dump area of the island . He had an injurie on the back right leg which we believed was a fracture but after x rays and checked ended up been an old infected injury probably a bite on a joint which made him limp . He received treatment and walks normal , he might tent to limp a little sometimes when tired .since ligament was not used for long time before rescued and keeps stretching , but will not cause future consequents or problems according to the diagnose of the orthopedist vet who has treated him .
Foster assessment :
Once done with quarantine , treatments and protocols Rayas is been boarded at a dog s boarding facility, where he plays with other dogs , has a routine and has been taught manners and etiquette ,. enjoys been part of the pack but also enjoys been with humans .
Food manners: when fed he waits for the order of” sit” , he sits , and then he waits for the word “namaste” to start eating . He is not food aggressive.


Medium size/ 1 year/ high energy, 15 kgs

He’s very cheerful and playful, likes to socialize with adult people (hasn’t been tested with children), he is good with other dogs (adults and puppies) especially with the ones that have the same energy level. He gets very anxious around cats and barks at them. Loves to be the center of attention, he can be with a family that has other dogs with high energy level and that aren’t dominant.


Female spayed, 12 kgs, 2 yrs old. Med/high energy
Very playful, good with dogs/cats. Loves running and exercise


Alaska – female, 2 plus yrs, 20 kgs. Med/high energy
Super friendly, good cats/dogs, very confident, loves exercise
Playful on leash, smart dog. Well aren’t they all!

Tiger the toothless

Tiger, male, 20 kilos, 7 Years

Tiger is a super calm, chill dude! He is good with all animals, dogs and cats! Tiger is also toothless, as he has some dental troubles in his past.