Male 1 year 2 months old.

He is calm, playful, friendly with children and adults. He will bark at cats but not aggressive with them. He loves to play with the ball and go for walks. He walks fast on the leash but calms down after awhile. Was surrendered to the pound by his owners.

Fernando (Nando)

male, 4 yrs, 15 kgs., super calm to med energy, playful.

Fernando is presently in Qualicam Beach area and needs to find a forever home. He is a lovable, friendly pooch. On line application at Fernando (Nando) male, 4 yrs, 15 kgs., super calm to med energy, playful. Very sweet dog. Good in the house, dogs, cats, children. Notice his face? He is a distemper survivor so has missing teeth and teeth there are not great. He can eat kibble and wet food with no problems. He has a slight jaw movement (tic) but nothing major. This is all from the distemper. At night when sleeping and dreaming he may tic more. He will not get distemper again and has been vaccinated for all the usual vaccines.


Female, Approx. age: 1 half year Weight: Kg 11.5

Foster assessment Linda lives in the city pound from June . a great companion dog but she needs to be trusted first, arrived who was afraid of being touched by people but with the help of the volunteers she began to walk and feel safer than people. she is learning to walk with the harness , she was used to living on street , so the first few days she did not walk with leash, with the help of the harness we were able to walk , now she walks well but she needs to trust whoever carries her . she needs a family that has a little patience to make her settle down and trust them and she will be a dog love

Temperament: She’s calm, she is very sweet dog, but she must first take security and trust , when she gets comfortable she plays and give kisses . She walk with the leash but she need to trust first. shy and fearful at first but as soon as she gains confidence she can be very sweet and good Dog . In the city pound Linda is very good and noble, she arrived very scary but has never tried to bite anyone. Energy: calm Children Friends: yes. Dog Friends: yes , she can live with quiet dogs like her, she doesn’t like very agitated dogs. Cat friends: Unknown, but I think he won’t have any problems Resource guarding: No Bark/noisy: No Housebroken: we think not for its font. Shedder: not excessively Crate trained: yes Leash etiquette: Yes, but she need to trust for walking. Good in car: yes she likes Rescue Story : was found on the street , she had a wound on her head and was very weak and anemic. she was outside a mall looking for food.


Approx. age: 1 half year Male/Female: female Weight: 24 kg

Temperament: non aggressive, very intense, she jumps suddenly to kiss you, loves to plaaaaay! Tanya was abandoned on a stormy, lightening weekend…She was found foaming, drooling and almost dead. She is terrified of thunders and even rain. Doesn’t fight for food but if other dog has their food she’ll put her head in too, not a biter, though she goes crazy to see the leash for her walk, she’ll sit down and let you put it on…she will try to say hello to everybody but she scares people cause she’s heavy and her muscles show Rescue comments: She doesn’t chew on shoes, or controls but sandals and corners of pillows if she’s on the bed. Tanya was abandoned on a stormy, lightening weekend…I found her foaming, drooling and almost dead on a Tuesday soooooo she is terrified of thunders and even rain.


Female 1.5 yrs Temperament: Sweet, submissive, a little shy, playful. Energy: medium

Foster assessment. Vaquita has overcome her fear towards humans. She is still a bit shy and will growl to a strangers approaching her, but a small correction makes her stop and will be friendly and allow to be pet. She is very sweet and loves the petting. She also loves to chew, if she doesn’t have toys she can chew anything she thinks its a toy. Super playful with other dogs. Vaquita is very submissive. When something scares her, she goes to stand between her human legs. She also likes to stand on top of other dogs (as shown in the pictures).She has no problems with baths, taking her medications or being handled for vet procedures. She doesn’t like to be carried. If another dog comes near her when she is eating she will go away. She has never shown aggression towards humans, not even when she was very scared of us and we had to corner her to provide meds, vaccs, or anything like that. As soon as she was petted, she allowed us to manage her. Vaquita is a great walker! Doesn’t pull, will go on your side always, but if something scares her she will go between your legs. She is not an effusive barker, but will use her voice if she hears unknown and strange noises. She will do amazing with any kind of family, even with small kids as she is gentle and sweet. Another dog at home would be also great as she enjoys playing for long time. Must say, her hair very soft.

Children Friends: Yes Dog Friends: Yes. Cat friends: Unknown. Resource guarding: A little bit with her food towards other dogs. Bark/noisy: Normal, barks at strange noises. Housebroken: Unknown, but she doesn’t pee inside her kennel. Shedder: No. Crate trained: Good Leash etiquette: Great. Good in car.


Age: 1.5 Years Old Approximately DOB: 6 January 2020Female Weight: 17kgs / 37lbs

Age: 1.5 Years Old Approximately DOB: 6 January 2020Female Weight: 17kgs / 37lbsVaccines all up to date.

Story: Vero had an owner who released her to the street. A neighbor found her and brought her to the vet and she is now ready for a forever family. Foster assessment: Vero is a fun, energetic girl with a wonderful personality. She would do well with an active owner/family. She needs lists of space and exercise. Vero has a cute little underbite. Temperament: Vero is a sweet, energetic and playful dog. Energy: Medium to high. Vero is very energetic, strong and needs lots exercise. Children Friends: A bit timid around kids at first but then loves to play with them. Dog Friends: Friendly with other dogs. Vero loves to go to doggie daycare. Cat Friends: Vero has a strong prey drive and likes to chase cats. Resource guarding: No. Bark/noisy: Occasionally at people walking by the house. But not sustained. Housebroken: Yes Shedder: Not usually. Crate trained: Vero is not crate trained. Leash etiquette: Vero pulls on the leash and is very strong but with a little bit of training could do very well. Good in car: Vero loves the Car.

Brady – Assisted rehome

Available for adoption Lower mainland preferred but open to Okanagan area. Brady is a local rehome we are assisting. He is an Aussie Shepherd/cocker spaniel cross. 1 yr old, Neutered, 25 lbs. Vaccinations up to date. House trained, crate trained, muzzle trained. Brady is presently on medication to help with his social anxiety and assist in training. He is affectionate, lovable to his family. He has been their family dog since a puppy. Brady goes to doggy daycare and does well with other small dogs. Loves walks and his ball. High energy! Brady is territorial inside the house when people visit and unfamiliar people showing fearful aggression. So the muzzle is used to ensure everyone’s safety. Brady requires an experienced person with this breed. Confident/assertive and will continue with formal type of training for him to be successful. No young children. Needs a yard and lots of exercise.


Mix: Super mix Approx. age: 2 years , Female Weight: 18.15 Kg

Temperament: Loving, alert, friendly.💃 Energy: medium – high👧 Children Friends: Yes🐶 Dog Friends: Yes.🐱 Cat friends: Unknown.🥘 Resource guarding: with food towards other dogs.📣 Bark/noisy: Loves to bark at iguanas.🏡 Housebroken: Unknown.🛋 Shedder: Yes.📦 Crate trained: Good⛓ Leash etiquette: Great. 🚙 Good in car: Yes. Location: Cozumel Island Best Vetting Vaccines: Rabies, Vanguard 5CVL, Bronshield Tests: 4 snap, biometric, tvt test, distemper (Positive heartworm, treated) Dewormers: Prantel Plus, Vitaminthe📚 Foster assessment: Boca Negra has an old, sweet and adventurous soul. She is curious about her surroundings, will occasionally bark at strange sounds or wild animals. She is the leader of the pack, will try to correct other dogs, but is not aggressive. Boca Negra needs to be fooled to take pills, must be very well hidden in something very tasty like meat. She doesn’t like baths, and she is very difficult at vet procedures. She has never shown any kind of aggression, but she will move and “try to run for her life” to avoid receiving shots, tests and deworming’s. We have to be creative to handle this girl during vet procedures. Boca Negra is calm most of the times, but will play chasing with other dogs for long times. She is a great walker, loves long walks. Can be a little reactive with other dogs but easily corrected. �Loves a good petting. She is confident and fun to be with. �Still need to learn commands, good motivation with treats. She can be a little bit protective of her bowl with other dogs. � She hasn’t been tested for cats, but has a strong prey drive. She is good with small dogs though. Boca will do amazing with any type of family, she is gentle with kids, friendly with dogs.


Mix Breed, 2 years of age, Female, 14 kg

These dogs are shy and need to have training, time, patience. They are not cat tested. Shy with people. They were found in the jungle at a young age and lived in the city pound for a long time. They are in foster in Cancun now waiting for someone here in Canada!