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cancun rescueChavo, Available for adoption.
Lower mainland/ Okanagan area.
Email [email protected]

Chavo.male, 7- 8 yrs. 23 kgs., shepherd mix
Calm, will bark when guarding the house. He is a sweet dog.
Not interested in new people at first, takes time to warm up. He plays with other dogs but not alot. Likes people.
Chavo was treated for TVT and is no longer positive!! He had two broken front legs after jumping off a roof. Legs healed on their own. Maybe to be proactive with glucosamine.

Nauty, Current on medical hold being treated for TVT be ready in few months . ~6 years of age, ~50 lbs, female.

Don't let this sweet girls name fool you! She is a sweet, mellow, toy hoarding chub!

She was abandon by her family and has going through chemo for TVT.

If you are looking for a quiet love bug, she maybe your new best friend!

Mauricio, available for Adoption.

Mauricio is in Cancun and ready to travel.
Mauricio, male, 1 yr 3 months, 15 kgs. Weimeraner mix
- needs to gain another kg.
- distemper survivor so he has a bit of nerve damage and a small ‘tick’ noticeable when resting. Getting medicated baths once a week for his skin issues but that is almost gone.
- shy at first with people then warms up especially if you invite him to play with his stuff toy
-house trained/crate trained
-playful pup, likes to play with other dogs
-good with cat
-good in car, loves to run
-curious with children so would say older children (not so noisy)
Mauricio is looking for a home that is not overly noisy. A gentle home and approach to help him fully develop into a confident dog. Another dog also may help him develop faster.
For further information contact us. There are lots of video available at F.R.E.S.A.
Mauricio was rescued in June from a hoarder along with numerous other dogs. At the vet they discovered he was positive for distemper and required quarantine and someone to take him in. F.R.E.S.A. Has cared and nursed Mauricio back to health. We are assisting in finding a forever home for this guy.

Deltha ,Available in the Lower mainland, Island, Okanagan area.
Deltha is still in Cancun and ready to fly to Vancouver.
We have upcoming flights.
Look at this beautiful boy now! 😍
Such a sweet and happy dog.
Deltha - male, 3-4 yrs., 16 kgs.
He had TVT (Transmissible venereal tumors) around his eyes, but he has been treated and is good now. Medical records are available.
Good around people. Not cat tested.
Pictures are before and after treatment.
Online application at

Pinky / approx 8 years old/12 Kg
Available for adoption
Available for adoption
Shy but lovely dog, she enjoys taking her sunbaths in the garden. Slightly fearful, she will need a home with older kids, and more of a quiet home. She likes her own space and needs time to come out of her shell, she is good with cats and ok with other dogs. Calm and affectionate once she is comfortable.
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