Bobo – in foster in Kelowna

Male, about 1.5 yrs,16kgs approx

Bobo arrived from India last week. From our foster in Vancouver: He loves attention and all people, and always wants to be petted and cuddled. He can be playful inside and likes to chew on his toys, but also calms down and rests for the better part of the day. Outside, he loves walks and exploring. He’s been great with me on the leash and does not pull at all. Human interaction he is good, but there has been occasional behavior issues with other dogs. Sometimes, he will start whining then start aggressively yapping and barking if the dog comes close, or if Bobo gets close to them. Note: Bobo was not socialized a lot in India when he was rescued he had a few other dogs to play with. So a proper introduction and some training would benefit. Perfect home: A home that allows Bobo to roam around in the house freely and preferably with another dog (female or male both are fine). He LOVES humans and so will not be a problem if the house is busy with many humans coming and out. Bobo loves going on long walks and also to roam around leash free in a secured garden area or a park. He is a foodie and can overeat. Personality/Behavior: Being so much hurt he still trusts all human beings. He can be a little skittish around other dogs because he never got to interact so much with them as he lost his brother, his friends etc and 2-3 other dogs in his pack were too old. Despite all this, bobo is someone who just wants to be loved and play.

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