Mix: Super mix Approx. age: 2 years , Female Weight: 18.15 Kg

Temperament: Loving, alert, friendly.💃 Energy: medium – high👧 Children Friends: Yes🐶 Dog Friends: Yes.🐱 Cat friends: Unknown.🥘 Resource guarding: with food towards other dogs.📣 Bark/noisy: Loves to bark at iguanas.🏡 Housebroken: Unknown.🛋 Shedder: Yes.📦 Crate trained: Good⛓ Leash etiquette: Great. 🚙 Good in car: Yes. Location: Cozumel Island Best Vetting Vaccines: Rabies, Vanguard 5CVL, Bronshield Tests: 4 snap, biometric, tvt test, distemper (Positive heartworm, treated) Dewormers: Prantel Plus, Vitaminthe📚 Foster assessment: Boca Negra has an old, sweet and adventurous soul. She is curious about her surroundings, will occasionally bark at strange sounds or wild animals. She is the leader of the pack, will try to correct other dogs, but is not aggressive. Boca Negra needs to be fooled to take pills, must be very well hidden in something very tasty like meat. She doesn’t like baths, and she is very difficult at vet procedures. She has never shown any kind of aggression, but she will move and “try to run for her life” to avoid receiving shots, tests and deworming’s. We have to be creative to handle this girl during vet procedures. Boca Negra is calm most of the times, but will play chasing with other dogs for long times. She is a great walker, loves long walks. Can be a little reactive with other dogs but easily corrected. �Loves a good petting. She is confident and fun to be with. �Still need to learn commands, good motivation with treats. She can be a little bit protective of her bowl with other dogs. � She hasn’t been tested for cats, but has a strong prey drive. She is good with small dogs though. Boca will do amazing with any type of family, she is gentle with kids, friendly with dogs.