Charlie – Currently in Foster on the Sunshine Coast – Needs another dog in the home

Age: 8 months Weight: 17 kg Breed: Mixed Energy level: High

Charlie needs to have another confident dog in the home!!!

Kids: Yes Tested 7 + Cats: Not tested History: Charlie was found along her brother in an abandoned lot tied up with a phone cable in Playa del carmen. The property was really difficult to access and we didn’t know the whereabouts of the owners. We waited some days to plan the rescue and we finally made it through with the help of some Mexicans cops since their necks were a bit injured already they agreed to help. We were able to rescue them and took them in when they were still puppies. They neighbors told us that they had been there for a while and every now and then a man came to feed them and give them water. PERSONALITY: PLAYFUL – SMART – FRIENDLY – SUBMISSIVE Charlie is the kind of dog that will cheer you up when you are low. She’s always happy always smiling and always ready to play. She is extremely friendly with people and loves to give everyone so much love. She is a super quick learner, in a matter of days she was trained with the sit and stay command. She can be submissive with strangers on the street but completely friendly in her territory, Very playful around other dogs and still training on leash correction although she responds very quickly to them. It takes her a little but to trust other dogs and she can be shy and scared in the beginning but eventually she just wants to play and gets along very well with other high energy dogs. She’s very good in the car and behaves really really well in the vet and the esthetician. Home BEHAVIOR She definitely requires a good amount of exercise and in the house loves playing with toys and can be easily entertained with treats like Kong. We have been working on the potty training and she is 70 % there. We live in a very noisy neighborhood with a pedestrian walk next to the house and a lot of construction and doesn’t seem to mind or be scared about the amount of noise. She barks when there is a need or when someone is outside the house. LOVES: Treats Playing catch Being caressed Playing with water

A few additional notes: – she really needs routine especially for pees/poos, as she’s still young. We can provide a schedule that works – she will need work with dog socialization. She still exhibits fear meeting new dogs and needs a well handled introduction. But training here will solve this – she does exhibit fear initially meeting new people especially men. Barks at first. But if they ignore, she settles quickly and then can interact just fine – she is Very active in the early morning, needs to get her beans out. But after pees/feeding/walk she settles and does great with toys and naps etc – a good selection of toys will be essential. – she knows basic commands: sit, stay, wait, at (instead of ‘no’), come (also responds to clapping for recall) – for feeding she does a sit-wait-break before she can eat.