Pliy – Available Vancouver Lower Mainland, Okanagan, Vancouver Island

We are pronouncing it PEEly as I believe that is how it is pronounced in Mexico, AGE: 2 years

SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium size about 50 pounds but very slender/sleek.
HISTORY: She is a rescue from Cancun and has been brought to Canada by Companion Paws
TEMPERMENT: Almost always very calm and mellow but of course gets a little excited when it is time to
go to the dog park or a walk. Can be shy initially but warms up very quickly. Is a little skittish when first
meeting other dogs and people, but again, very soon comes around. Always very gentle and loving.
She has NEVER shown any aggression.
Personality: Very sweet, loving and lovable. Absolutely loves to be petted and thrives on attention. Is
devoted to her family and sleeps on a blanket beside the bed all night long. She looks out the window
when the car pulls up the driveway and is waiting at the top of the stairs with tail a wagging. What a
welcome home! Loves to play chase with the other dog in the family. Never licks. Very smart and easy to
Reaction To Other Dogs: . Initially ran from the other dog in the family but they were best friends in a
very short time. As mentioned, this is true for dogs at the dog park. Pily is a little skittish at first and if
they make sudden moves, but in a short time will run and play with them.
Reaction to Cats: Ignores our cat.
Reaction to Children: There are no children in our home but with visits to the neighbour’s kids, she is a
little skittish.
Likes and Dislikes: Likes to go to the dog park or for walks but loose leash walking needs work as she
just loves to sniff and explore when out on a walk and so pulls. Likes sleeping on the dog bed and lying
on the deck in the sun. Does not like to play fetch or most toys yet. She has occasionally chewed a few
hard plastic items like a Frisbee or even a pen. Likes to sneak up on the couch for a nap but this is now
happening rarely. Has liked to put her paws up on the counter to see if there is anything worth eating
and has actually had a piece of pizza and some cat food. But now that we are onto this, we make sure
there is nothing tempting and she is definitely learning that this is a no no. Likes to bark at dogs going
down the walk way beside our home but stops quickly and this is certainly NOT excessive. Loves treats
of course which helps her to learn very quickly. Loves to be loved.