2 years old, male, 20 kgs, medium energy, crate trained, not a barker, good with children, good in cars, playful with dogs, loves his humans
Rayas was rescued in an area known as a dog dump area of the island . He had an injurie on the back right leg which we believed was a fracture but after x rays and checked ended up been an old infected injury probably a bite on a joint which made him limp . He received treatment and walks normal , he might tent to limp a little sometimes when tired .since ligament was not used for long time before rescued and keeps stretching , but will not cause future consequents or problems according to the diagnose of the orthopedist vet who has treated him .
Foster assessment :
Once done with quarantine , treatments and protocols Rayas is been boarded at a dog s boarding facility, where he plays with other dogs , has a routine and has been taught manners and etiquette ,. enjoys been part of the pack but also enjoys been with humans .
Food manners: when fed he waits for the order of” sit” , he sits , and then he waits for the word “namaste” to start eating . He is not food aggressive.