Female 1.5 yrs Temperament: Sweet, submissive, a little shy, playful. Energy: medium

Foster assessment. Vaquita has overcome her fear towards humans. She is still a bit shy and will growl to a strangers approaching her, but a small correction makes her stop and will be friendly and allow to be pet. She is very sweet and loves the petting. She also loves to chew, if she doesn’t have toys she can chew anything she thinks its a toy. Super playful with other dogs. Vaquita is very submissive. When something scares her, she goes to stand between her human legs. She also likes to stand on top of other dogs (as shown in the pictures).She has no problems with baths, taking her medications or being handled for vet procedures. She doesn’t like to be carried. If another dog comes near her when she is eating she will go away. She has never shown aggression towards humans, not even when she was very scared of us and we had to corner her to provide meds, vaccs, or anything like that. As soon as she was petted, she allowed us to manage her. Vaquita is a great walker! Doesn’t pull, will go on your side always, but if something scares her she will go between your legs. She is not an effusive barker, but will use her voice if she hears unknown and strange noises. She will do amazing with any kind of family, even with small kids as she is gentle and sweet. Another dog at home would be also great as she enjoys playing for long time. Must say, her hair very soft.

Children Friends: Yes Dog Friends: Yes. Cat friends: Unknown. Resource guarding: A little bit with her food towards other dogs. Bark/noisy: Normal, barks at strange noises. Housebroken: Unknown, but she doesn’t pee inside her kennel. Shedder: No. Crate trained: Good Leash etiquette: Great. Good in car.