Lesson #1 Overview

This training session and information was supplied by Bark Busters, Kim Madsen of Kelowna to assist us with one of our rescue dogs with fear aggression. “Chia”

We need to learn and use “BAH” for wrong/bad behaviour.




STEP 3: “BAH” AND THROW THE Small BEAN BAG ON THE FLOOR IN FRONT OF YOU NOT AT THE DOG. (This is to make a noise and get their attention)


Start with communication. Remember your dog is learning English. Then respect from the dog. Build the foundation to get the trust.

– Communication

– Commitment

-Patience and Determination


How Dogs communicate: Body language, growl, snap, fight.

Growl for us is a “BAH” – use when dog is doing something wrong

Praise – use high voice with excitement, happiness


Timing and intent are going to be important. Need to have timing before the incident to correct with a “BAH”.

For fear aggression and dogs growling and trying to bite the back of people legs when they walk by. Catch the ques prior, ears back, tail out and growl.

Immediately use the “BAH” (you must say it with meaning/loud/firm.  We want the dog to redirect. If not listening use the “BAH” and quickly clap your hands loudly.


Sometimes this fear aggression is only with certain people. It is still unacceptable and needs training.  You can also practice this with that person a few times to get a positive result from the dog.


If the person walking away can also turn around quickly, stand tall and keep hands across their body.


The Mexican rescue dogs have a habit of jumping up on us and that is because the rescues/fosters in Mexico allow this behaviour and show them love and affection this way. So we need to retrain them.  When they jump up follow the instructions below. You will ignore them.

Sometimes the dog(s) is super excited so get down to their level (squat) so there is no need for the dog to jump up.



What we Covered Today

  • Your Top Desired Outcomes for Chia and the Group are:
    • Chia – stranger fear, biting strangers, biting people in the house, likely some separation anxiety, peeing in the house, recall. Chia needs to figure out where she fits in with humans now in charge and the other members of the dog pack falling into natural hierarchy. She also has anxiety over loud noises. This will be an area we work on specifically in foundations and in the lifetime program.


  • Dog Crew
    • We will work on the passive dominant behaviours being exhibited by all dogs: whining, jumping in laps, licking faces, pawing at you for attention, following you through the house. These are all behaviours uninvited by you the humans. They are also behaviours that keep imbalance in the pack.  By attending to these passive behaviours, you will start to establish the humans as those taking charge and making the decisions, not the dogs.


  • Jumping up – keep your hands still and at your side or in pockets and ignore, ignore, ignore. Do not look down or at the dog.  Don’t speak to them. Stay still. If sitting and they jump up on you or beside to gain attention, stand up and walk away. Then go back and sit. Keep doing this until the dog gives up. Praise after when the dog is not paying attention to you. Remember praise body language is low body high pitch voice. Lots of love with the hands. They need to learn that hands are for love and are safe.
  • Pawing for attention and other passive behaviours – ignore. The behaviours may morph into other subtle ones, and we need to keep track of this for each dog so that we can do specific programming for those behaviours if persistent.
    • The active behaviours – running and barking at the door, any aggression displayed to other people in or out of the home. We will work on these behaviours through foundational work.




Homework for the Human and Dog Pack

Dog Diary

  • The purpose of this is to start paying attention to each dog’s specific passive and active dominant behaviours and to start understanding temperaments of dogs you will rehome, starting with Chia. This will help us to do specific programming for each dog, specifically Chia, for you to have a successful and harmonious rehoming program.


  1. Remember Your Body Language
    • Pointing at the dog, holding your hand out in a down command, quickly stepping forward into the dog with a command – all are seen by the dog as aggressive behaviours. Chia is already afraid of life. We need to learn to practice our stoic, tall body language without moving all in a calm spirit and patient demeanour. Take a deep breath and correct BAH. Try not to ramp your own energy and keep hands close to your body. Do not bend at the waist to keep your stoic posture. Stay still and BAH!
  2. Try to use the dog’s name only with praise. Praise is only when Chia or another dog is not paying attention to you and not demanding any attention. They will be chilling, on the floor, being unassuming. Praise that behaviour.


  1. Correction is with BAH! Consistent use of this instead of confusing the dog with commands like No, stop, go, quit, down….everyone using BAH is helping the dog understand what she is doing wrong from everyone with no confusion. We are doing this for the dog’s benefit, she is our centre of love and attention and she deserves the best we can give her.


  1. Let’s be consistent and help correct each other when you see someone falling off the BAH! wagon…!:) Remember…no chicken BAH’s. Deep guttural BAH – you are the mama dog growling at the dog. Do it like you mean it. It’s your house and your rules, not theirs.


Separation Anxiety is also trainable.  Using a dog crate or the wire crate that the dog can see you from is a good start.  When you are home you can put the dog in the crate with a favorite toy and high prise treat, like a dog bone or something they can chew on.  Give them 15—30 minutes in the crate then let them out.  Same when you leave the house leave them in there for a short time.  Crates are also good for night-time sleeping/training.  Can have the crate in your room or near where they can hear you is sometimes helpful.

Be consistent.

Let us know as there are a few other training tools we can suggest.

Good luck everyone…..please call us with any questions.